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Convert IANA timezones to Windows

The IANA timezones database is probably the most used standard to reference a timezone by name (a lot of libraries use it).

The problem comes when you need to use these timezones informations in a C# program: Windows timezones have different names and there’s no standard method to convert a IANA timezone to a Windows one.

Informations about the relation between IANA and Windows timezonesĀ  are accessible here:

Looking at the data is clear that you can convert from a IANA timezone to a Windows one, but a Windows timezone cannot be converted to a single IANA timezone. This is because Windows groups more than one timezone under the same name.

I made a test project to demonstrate how to convert timezones: just deserialize the data and look for the corresponding timezone.

You can download the test project here: IANATimezonesConverter.zip