GPD Win Keepalive version 1.0.0 released

I recently received my GPD Win, but it has a problem with the SD card reader: after a short period of time the SD card goes to a “sleep” state and it takes a couple of seconds to wake up.

This really is a problem when playing games (mainly emulator’s ROMS) so, waiting for a real fix, I made a small utility that keeps alive the SD card by just writing a 0 byte file to the SD card every X seconds. By doing this the SD won’t go to sleep. 😉


The utility can be set to autostart with Windows and stays in the tray.

You can download it here.

You can download the source code here.

Have fun! 😉

4 thoughts on “GPD Win Keepalive version 1.0.0 released

  1. wouldn’t it be better if we create the file once and then only read/access it every 5 seconds?
    writing would affect the lifespan of the SD card.

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