Questa è la mia pagina personale dove pubblico informazioni sui miei progetti e pensieri vari.
Niente di più, niente di meno. 😉

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  1. I just posted at the bass forum (the Winstore thread) about your awesome BassMediaSource!
    I’m working on a background recorder…wonder if you could do BassRecordMediaSource?

    • Hi, I never used Bass to record but I can surely try. 😉
      I think to record audio you just need a background task (not the audio player background task) but I’m not sure.
      I’ll do some testing when I get some spare time and let you know if I succeed. 🙂

    • I have been looking/trying for weeks to somehow get a bass channel to IMediaSource for recording. If, I mean when you succeed it will be a first. And sorely needed. Looks like in sampledata request…just send the data that can be written by a wavfilewriter, instead of playing it. Don’t worry about the wave writing…

  2. Hi, sakya
    Thank you for your super fast reply, and your kind help. please guide me on how to operate. if I need uninstall the old version?


        • Sorry, I’ve been busy in the last days.
          I made the “fix”, but didn’t test it.
          I’ll give you a download link ASAP (maybe this evening).

          • Hi Sakya

            Thank you for your kindly help. and I installed this update file via file manager, and it went through successfully.

            But when I type “smssend -a -n xxxxxxx -m ‘text content'”, it comes with error: “ERR: Failed to send text message”, no matter how long is the msg content.

            if I type “smssend a -n xxxxxxx -m ‘text content less than 70 chars'”, successful

            if I type “smssend a -n xxxxxxx -m ‘text content more than 70 chars but less than 140 chars'”, it comes with error: “……FAILED”

            When send with command line, smssend is still showing version 0.1.10, but in help context, it has parameter -a and its description about plain ASCII.

            I know it is not easy for you to update this program since you don’t have the device, and I am really appreciate your help. Thank you again.

  3. Hi (and thanks). 🙂
    The 70 chars limit is because to send non english chars the string is hex encoded (to send unicode messages).
    I could make a test or add an option to send the text “as it is” (ASCII), restoring the 140 chars limit.
    At the moment I don’t use the N900 anymore, so I don’t know when I’ll have the time to fix this.
    If I do, do you mind making some test?

  4. Hi, sakya, thank you for your great app smssend, I really really love it. and I just wonder if it is possible to send more than 70 chars? so far, if I did, it wont send it successfully. but if I type the msg manually, it will work. is there any options to change to coding so that it can send out 140 or 160?

    and is it possible even send out more than 160, say, automatically split it into two msgs?

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

  5. Hi, is there any chance for new version of gpSP in the future? Unfortunately, current verion (2.0.4) have problem with pokemon hacks, for example “Pokemon Light Platinum” or “Pokemon Liquid Crystal”. There are problems with white screen or “save error, please exchange the backup memory”. VGBA 3.6 can open that roms, but doesn’t work smoothly. Other roms work perfectly!

  6. Thanks.
    To release book 6 I need to modify the code of the game engine (there are some differences in the rules).
    I also need to wait for the competition to end as I cannot release updates containing new features.
    When I’ll finish book 6 maybe someone can help me scripting the books from Magnakai serie (they should have all similar rules).

  7. Hello

    I have played Lone Wolf til the 6 book on N900.. I m realy enjoing it, thank you one more time for bringing it to N900 ..

    Can u use my help somehow to proceed with game ?

    Greetings from norway

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