WpfMpdClient is a MPD client developed using C# and WPF.


  • Browse database by artist/album, genre/album, file system
  • Browse saved playlists
  • Lyrics
  • Download album art from last.fm
  • last.fm scrobbler
  • Tray icon with popup on track change
  • Support multimedia keys (play, pause, next track, previous track)
  • Auto update


Download the installer here: wpfmpdclient_1_9_4

Source code is available at github here: https://github.com/sakya/wpfmpdclient

If you have suggestions, bug reports or requests post a comment here or a issue on github.

If you like this program you can offer me a beer. 🙂

41 thoughts on “WpfMpdClient

  1. Cant connect to mpd server running on arch linux – password error. Of course, password that i typed is ok and correctly typed.

  2. It works now, everything is visible, except still nothing listed in “now playing” tab. however, the play/pause next track/previous track buttons work.

  3. Can’t connect on windows to mpd linux server on my laptop – it works on windows with auremo client, not with this app. It is just stays and stays at “connecting to 192.xxxxxxxx” and can’t connect

  4. Clicking on some folders cause instant crash of Wpfmpdclient. I couldn’t find any unusual characters in the filenames, so i don’t know why.
    Crash reporting isn’t accessible, as at crash the windows “wpfmpdclient has stopped working” appears, and grabs the focus, so the crash reporting window can’t be used. However at least the type of the exception is visible: System.FormatException in mscorlib.

  5. Any idea why the multimedia keys don’t work for me? When I have Windows Media Player running, I get a screen overlay when I press the buttons and they do successfully control it, but when WpfMpdClient is running they have no effect (and show no overlay). The only thing I could think to try was running it as admin and that didn’t help.

    • WpfMpdClient should manage the multimedia keys (this explains why you don’t see the system overlay).
      Do the multimedia keys work in WpfMpdClient (play/pause, stop, next, previous)?

      • No, not at all. The overlay appears to come from the same system that does overlays when I do caps lock etc, which I assumed was lower-level than the application that handles the keystroke, but I know little about this stuff in Windows.

  6. there is some way to use it only with a touchscreen, there seems to be actions that can only be done with the “right click” button, and this screen dosn’t support that.

  7. Dear Sakya,
    is it possible to trigger the mpd daemon to update the database? I’m using mpd on a satelite receiver and have added additional music on the hdd. The mpd does not recognize it.
    Thank you for your help

  8. Great! But, when I press next/prev on my keyboard, the app crashes. Pause/play/stop work fine. Is this something you can fix please? 🙂


    • Yes, I can try to fix this issue.
      Do you get the bugreport window when tha app crash? If yes send me the report, it could make easier to fix the bug. 😉

      EDIT: Sorry, I found the stupid bug. I’ll fix it. 😉

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