8 thoughts on “GPD Win Keepalive version 1.1.0 released

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve downloaded the KeepAlive. But dont understand much “Start Enabled”. What is that used for?

    • The option means: “when the application starts it is active” (i.e. it does its job).
      This option is useful if you want the program to autostart with Windows but don’t want it to be active.
      I use it this way so I have the program in the tray and I can activate it by clicking on the tray icon when I need it.

      • Thx for your answer. One more question is: how do I know the Keep Alive Enable or Disable? Black or White MicroSD icon in Task Bar?

        • Yes: the icon changes when the program is enabled/disabled (and I think there’s also the tooltip saying “Enabled” or “Disabled”). 😉
          Enabled = white SD, black background
          Disabled = Black SD, white background

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